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Aulicino, Richard



Street: 1849 Rt. 9
City, State Zip: Lake George, New York 12845
Phone: (518) 668-9888
Fax: (518) 668-4406


Does not use Amalgam In Practice
Does not use Topical Fluoride In Practice
Does accept Dental Insurance

Services Provided

Pre-appointment relaxation treatment Minimally invasive general dentistry with a cosmetic result Systematic desensitization of dental phobics Overdentures with mini-implants Company used: ( Alternative root canal procedure (please see website video for further information) Re;Dr Price's research on root canals. Personal and attentive care

Additional Information

Restorations using Diamond Crown polycrystalline nano ceramic. Has no cellular reaction, non toxic, subtle energy testing shows compatibility with body energies, wear rate same as enamel and gold. See