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Behm, Ray



Street: 127 N Garden Ave
City, State Zip: Clearwater, Florida 33755
Phone: (727) 888-6929
Fax: (727) 446-5910


Does not use Amalgam In Practice
Does not use Topical Fluoride In Practice
Does not accept Dental Insurance

Services Provided

At Behm Natural Dentistry, we operate from the premise that Natural Dentistry is Health Dentistry. Our action definition of Health is described in this formula: S + N - T = Physical Health Proper Structure + Good Nutrition – Toxicity = Physical Health With this formula we can see and communicate the barriers faced by the individual in front of us. Services offered: Restore Integrity of Teeth: Crowns; fillings; safe mercury removal; mouth reconstruction. Surgery: Cavitational Surgery; extractions. Structure: Neuromuscular Dentistry for pain relief of TMJ, neck, jaw and spine; DNA Appliance for Orthodontics. Periodontal Health: Hygiene – EMS Air Flow Master; ozone; “The Secret” Home care.