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McBride, Robert



Practice Name: Dental Wellness Center
Street: 5406 Village Rd.
City, State Zip: Long Beach, California 90808
Phone: (562) 421-3747


Does not use Amalgam In Practice
Does not use Topical Fluoride In Practice

Services Provided

Primary: relationship building and educational. Trained in T M D (TMJ) treatment/head & neck pain solutions;Bioesthetic Dentistry;preventive philosophy; full & partial denture services; porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, implant dentistry;safe mercury amalgam removal (see website: “Mercury Free Dentistry”)

Additional Information

Created on: 01 Feb 2010
Dr. Robert P. McBride of Long Beach, California is a dentist with over 35 years of experience. He has found that bleeding gums could be a warning that there is an underlying medical problem. He performs finger nick blood screenings on patients at the beginning of periodontal treatment and than again after treatment 6-8 weeks later. There is usually a significant improvement in blood chemistry with Dr. McBride’s protocol. If blood chemistry remained elevated after treatment than an underlying medical problem is suspected. Patients have been diagnosed at their physician with diabetes, pre-diabetes, colon cancer, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, high risk of stroke and heart attack, GERD, and a variety of intestinal problems to name a few due with these simple tests.

Recent research shows that gum disease, which affects 75 percent of people over age 35, has now been positively linked to a significantly greater likelihood of heart attack or stroke, undiagnosed diabetes, pregnancy complications, high cholesterol, or a number of other systemic health issues. The bacteria produced by gum disease, produces nitrosamines, which are known to cause cancer. Gum inflammation also correlates with elevated levels of HsC-reactive protein, which increases your risk to all the above diseases and complications. These screening blood tests are quick, inexpensive, and easy. It helps identify unsuspecting health issues and has proven to save lives.