The 47th Annual Symposium
Holistic Dental Association

Westin Washington Dulles Airport
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April 11-13, 2024

Thursday - Saturday

Meeting Hours: from 8AM to 5PM

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Westin Washington Dulles Airport
2520 Wasser Terrace, Herndon, VA 20171

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Thursday Workshops

CHOOSE ONE All-Day 8AM to 5PM Workshop:

Holistic Dentistry 101

Bernice Teplitsky DDS

Dr. Bernice Teplitsky is a Fellow of the AGD; an Accredited member of the IAOMT and SMART certified. She has Naturopathic Medical Doctor Board Certification and a degree in Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine. Her Workshop will help dentists and dental staff understand what holistic patients are looking for when they call the office and what an office needs to know and have on hand to practice “Holistic Dentistry.” The Workshop is for both new dentists starting their journey becoming a holistic dentist and for seasoned dentists expanding existing practices. The Workshop is especially helpful to office auxiliaries. It is a comprehensive overview, introducing “holistic” modalities in dentistry. Please note that more courses are required for an in-depth understanding of each of the modalities that are presented at the Workshop.


Applied Kinesiology for Dentists & Their Patients

James M Kennedy DDS

James M. Kennedy DDS covers the history and basic concepts that developed into Applied Kinesiology. He teaches how to correctly test muscles for determining information from the body, emphasizing testing that can be done in a dental office. In his “hands on” Workshop, he shows how to use AK to determine jaw position and vertical dimension for dental appliances; to test for dental materials, nutrients, homeopathic remedies; and to locate areas of dysfunction in the body. At the end of this course, participants should be able to; Increase their skill level in using Applied Kinesiology in their practice. Use AK to help diagnose dental pathology and occlusal problems. Use AK to diagnose and treat TMJ dysfunction. Use AK to identify nutritional deficiencies and choose the appropriate nutrients to correct those deficiencies. Use AK to choose homeopathic remedies for their patients. Use AK to choose biocompatible materials for their patients. Use AK to differentially diagnose the cause of pain with their patients. Better understand the different applications of AK in healthcare.

OR CHOOSE Morning & Afternoon Workshops:


What’s with that Tongue? Traditional East Asian Medicine Tongue Diagnosis and Treatment for Dentists

Sina Smith MS, MA, LAc, MD

Dr. Sina Leslie Smith is a medical doctor and licensed acupuncturist trained in functional and integrative medicine, homeopathy, and culinary medicine with advanced degrees in physiology and biophysics, medical education, and acupuncture. She has been teaching national and international audiences for over 20 years and is the author of “Demystifying Acupuncture: Modern Answers About Ancient Medicine.” She maintains a clinical practice in Chicago, is passionate about dance, changing her hair color, and travel, and emphatically believes that food is our best medicine. Traditional East Asian Medicine (TEAM) has a 2,500-year history of diagnosis and treatment of physical, mental, and emotional health problems. Pulse and tongue diagnosis are foundational to this form of medicine. Dentists are exposed to tongues with each patient, providing an opportunity for a holistic dentist trained in tongue diagnosis to support the needs of whole patient. In this workshop we will cover the fundamentals of tongue diagnosis in the context of TEAM, discuss food and lifestyle choices that can be used to address these problems, and learn to use basic auricular acupuncture in the treatment of common issues. Attendees will leave this pragmatic workshop with reference handouts, diagnostic skills, and treatment recommendations and techniques that they can take back to clinic Monday morning and use immediately.

At the completion of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify the TEAM primary organ reflection sites on the tongue
  • Use key tongue findings to formulate a rudimentary TEAM diagnosis
  • Apply food and lifestyle choices in the counseling of patients with those key tongue findings
  • Distinguish the location and function of basic auricular acupuncture sites
  • Select appropriate auricular acupuncture sites that can be used to treat patients with key tongue findings


Dental Decoding, Theoretical & Practical Approach

Fabián Brotos DDS

Since 1999, Dr. Fabián Brotos DDS from Montevideo Uruguay has been teaching in the Cathedra of Occlusion and Prosthodontics at the University in Uruguay. He has a specialty in implants and orthodontics. He has studied psycho-neuro-immune-endocrinology and has a university degree in Neuroscience. In his Workshop, you will learn the meaning of “Dental Decoding,” how to interpret some of the most common situations in dentistry, such as cavities and periodontal disease, as well as many orthodontic disorders, through the evidence displayed by panoramic x-rays. You will understand some of the dynamics of the psycho-emotional circuits that teeth, their roots and the shape of palates reveal. And, you will gain an understanding of the connections between teeth and the brain. Real cases will be shown.


Ayurveda in Dentistry & Integrative Health

Kalpna Ranadive DMD, NMD, MDS, IBDM

Vedic Science is a fully documented and replicable time-tested ancient wisdom. It holds within it the powers to transform the inner world of body, mind, soul and beyond. Ayurveda and Vedic Science helps us bridge the gap and transcend beyond the divide and rule created by the modern medical system. By blending the ancient wisdom with modern technology, any health care provider can easily go beyond the limits of modern science and can truly help patients in (W)holistic ways.

In this Workshop:

  1. Learn foundational concepts of Ayurveda in Dentistry.
  2. Learn how to connect the dots between teeth, life energy, subtle elements and how they create balance vs chaos within body.
  3. Learn how to easily apply Vedic principles in procedures like Invisalign, Restorative, Surgical and Integrative Preservative aspects of dentistry.
  4. Understand how Nutrition is the least important requirement of our body and how to empower our body with the more important needs of the body.
  5. Learn how to connect the dots between Astrology, Ayurveda, individualized fasting, weight loss, and snoring management without any herbs or pills.


Detoxification for Recovery, Vitality & Longevity

Christopher W. Shade PhD

The subject of Detoxification has been mired in misunderstanding and conjecture for decades, leading to a lack of clarity, consistency and efficacy in detoxification methods and a high incidence of side-effect. Detoxification is part of a broader “Chemoprotection” system that includes free-radical protection, but extends into many essential aspects of longevity, including mitochondrial function, autophagy, senescence, proteostasis and telomere length. This 4-hr workshop will cover core biochemical principals and clinical applications of detoxification protocols, including: the glutathione system; the phases of detoxification; how liver and kidneys work, including liver gating and bile flow; drainage for lymph, liver and kidney; Nrf2 upregulation for cellular detoxification; application to mercury detoxification; applications to combined toxemia and microbial overgrowth; application for sustained vitality; applications for longevity.

Friday Speakers

The Role of the Oral Microbiome in Regulating Systemic Blood Pressure

Nathan Bryan PhD

Patients with periodontal disease and gingivitis are known to have higher incident of cardiovascular disease. This is known as the oral systemic link. The oral microbiome has been well characterized to date. There are commensal, non-pathogenic bacteria that are responsible for the production of nitric oxide. Loss of these bacteria through oral dysbiosis or mouthwash use disrupts the oral microbiome and causes an increase in blood pressure. This lecture will reveal the physiological effects of nitric oxide and how the oral microbiome can regulate systemic blood pressure and systemic inflammation. Nitric oxide insufficiency is recognized as one of the earliest events in a wide range of diseases and symptoms. NO deficiency causes a loss of regulation of blood flow, increased inflammation, immune dysfunction and oxidative stress, hallmarks of all chronic disease. Your body cannot and will not heal or perform optimally without nitric oxide.

Learning objectives:

  1. Learn how the human body produces nitric oxide
  2. Understand how the oral microbiome contributes to systemic nitric oxide production
  3. Reveal diet and lifestyle strategies that have been clinically proven to restore nitric oxide production

Detoxify and Reset the Cardiovascular System with EDTA, Nitric Oxide, and Cardio Tonic Herbs

Christopher W. Shade PhD

Environmental toxins profoundly impair the cardiovascular system through several mechanisms including lowering NO, inducing endothelial dysfunction, and dysregulating the immune system. In this lecture, Dr. Shade explains the importance of proper detoxification to address cardiotoxicity and how to effectively rebuild vascular health and stability using EDTA, nitric oxide substrates, rhamnan sulfate, cardio tonic herbs, and advanced liposomal delivery technology for fast and measurable effects.

The Ayurvedic approach to Tooth Alignment, Snoring and Airway Issues

Kalpna Ranadive DMD, NMD, MDS, IBDM

Each tooth has Marmani – Vedic Acupressure points. Every tooth has Pranic life energy flowing through it which then plays a vital role in creating balance within the mouth, head and neck and entire body. Via touch sensory connections, teeth alignment can either create balance or chaos within one’s body. Depending on the source of the problem, teeth either take the impact to self-destruct or create new trauma.

  1. Learn how tooth position and arch shapes can lead to cavities, periodontal and airway issues.
  2. Learn how to blend modern technology with ancient wisdom and create a thriving successful practice with lots of happy patients.
  3. Understand how simple herbal and yogic remedies can help your patients improve their snoring, cavities, bad breath and more.

Fundamentals of Traditional East Asian Medicine for Dentists

Sina Smith MS, MA, LAc, MD

Most people have heard about acupuncture, but they are unaware of the foundational caveats of Traditional East Asian Medicine (TEAM), going back for thousands of years. While there are many ways of approaching the diagnosis and treatment of disease in TEAM, Five Element Theory is one of the most accessible for conventional practitioners. In this presentation, attendees will learn about the basics of FET in contradistinction and in complement to conventional medical thinking. Attendees will also become versed in the scientific basis of modern acupuncture and related techniques and the way that TEAM can be used to augment a dentist’s holistic practice.

At the end of this presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • Compare and contrast TEAM’s Five Element Theory and conventional western medicine
  • Describe each Element, the organs associated with it, and where they reflect on the tongue
  • Evaluate medical and dental literature describing the scientific validity of acupuncture and related techniques
  • Characterize ways in which TEAM might support holistic dental practice

Quantum energy for healing the dental patient

Gene Sambataro DDS

Dr. Sambataro will explain what quantum energy involves and present the quantum energy healing technologies that are available for dental patients to aid in the healing process prior to and following dental procedures as well as in their overall health. The presentation will also include how to use quantum energy technologies for diagnostic purposes.

The objectives of the presentation is for dentists and dental personnel to be aware that energy technologies exist; be knowledgeable in how to use the technologies in a dental office; and be able to explain the purpose of using quantum energy technologies to patients. In addition, the dental staff will learn how to feel comfortable applying these energy healing technologies.

Come back to the body: how to naturally release dis-ease and negativity in today's world

Jill Morris DMD, ND, CHt

Join Dr. Morris in the Luray Room to learn and practice Tai Chi Gung

Dr. Jill Morris has been practicing neuromuscular and holistic dentistry for 38 years. She also has degrees in Naturopathic Medicine and Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a certified Tai Chi Gung instructor with the Lamasery in Darchen, Tibet founded by Lao Tzu 3300 years ago. Dr. Morris will describe how using the body as an energetic portal through breath, movement and the mind, will regenerate the health of the body and create a mind with higher vibrating thoughts and emotions resulting in a happier and healthier life.


  • Participants will learn the history of the complete system created by Lao Tzu called Tai Chi Gung
  • Participants will learn about death urge and birth trauma and how to overcome both.
  • Participants will learn what happens in the aging process to the breath, balance , and Chakra system of the body
  • Participants will learn how to open the meridian system and chakras of the body to bring more vital energy into the system.
  • Participants will learn how to release lower vibrational frequencies in the body and auritic field and replace them with higher frequencies of vibration. This allows the individual to move up the Map of
  • Consciousness as described by David Hawkins in his book "Power vs. Force"
  • Participants will engage in the basic exercises taught by Lao Tzu

Healers vs Stealers: How to Outsmart the Thief in your Dental Practice

David Harris

This Presentation is For Dentists Only

Embezzlement defense any dentist can implement to drastically reduce their risk of becoming a victim. David uses noteworthy embezzlement cases his team has worked on to bring the topic of embezzlement to life, and to derive practical lessons for his audience, who will leave with a toolbox of proven and easily implementable protection strategies. David’s real-life examples, urbane delivery, and witty presentation style make this lecture both informative and entertaining.

Attendees will learn:

  • How would-be embezzlers assess their victims
  • Telltale behaviors exhibited by dental office thieves
  • Simple rules for dividing duties between team members properly
  • How to oversee the finances of your practice in much less time than you thought

Exhibitor Evening:
5:30pm - 7:30pm

Saturday Speakers

Homeopathy and Clinical Pearls

Craig Zunka DDS

Dr. Zunka’s presentation will discuss Homeopathy—what it is, how it originated and why it is used in the dental office. Homeopathy can be a great adjunct and help to your practice--assisting you in your everyday treatment of patients, as well as caring for your family. It can be a great practice builder because of the increase in the number of people seeking a more holistic approach to care. Dr. Zunka will offer examples of how to use Homeopathy in dentistry, including using Aconite to calm anxious patients; Ruta Grav to avoid dry socket; and Phosphorous to stop profuse bleeding.

In addition, he will discuss clinical “pearls” that he has used for almost 50 years—such as detoxing methods and facilitating the rapid healing of bone fractures.

The Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine for Better Patient Outcomes

Philip Mollica MS, DMD, MIAOMT, NMD

This presentation will describe the philosophy and working model of Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine. As the concept of biologic/holistic dentistry emerges, how can it be defined and understood as working model? Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine is the ideal working model which takes into consideration all medicine and dentistry on a level playing field. As a result, there is a better understanding of what healing methods are or are not utilized by patients today. Most important is how can biologic/holistic dentists define themselves within the overall dental community? Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine as a working model is clear and coherent and results in improved patient outcomes. The objectives of this presentation are: To describe the Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine model; to describe how dentists define themselves and what they offer in this model; how this model improves patient outcomes; and what is integration and it’s relation to all health practitioners.

Advances in Ceramic Implants: How Far Have We Come?

Sammy Noumbissi MS, DDS

Ceramic implants have been in clinical use for over forty years. They had difficult beginnings mostly due to limitations of the materials used in the early stages but also because of early designs that were not adapted to ceramics. Their superior biocompatibility, however, was never put into question. The last twenty years the manufacturing protocols of load bearing ceramic such as zirconia have made significant progress in terms of the mechanical behavior of zirconia when used as an implant material. The last decade has been one where we have witnessed an “explosion” in the use of zirconia in dentistry. Along with this phenomenon the manufacturing protocols and advanced formulas of zirconia have been created which have led to zirconia becoming a stable, biocompatible, bioinert and structurally stable implant material. Today load-bearing implant bioceramics can be categorized in two major groups, namely Yttria Stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia (Y-TZP) and Alumina Toughened Zirconia (ATZ).

Thanks to these improvements, clinicians now enjoy increased flexibility and a wider range of applications for ceramic implants as the one-piece implants are now available in two-piece configurations similar to conventional implants. Therefore, cementable and screw-retained prosthetics have become possible in a broad range of edentulous situations. Questions have been raised and remain about their osseointegration and long-term performance under function in the oral environment. This presentation will present case selection, clinical and systemic patient management and case planning workflows that contribute to the long-term success of ceramic implants in different scenarios and levels of complexity of oral rehabilitation.

Objectives of the presentation:

  • The evolution of zirconia as a load-bearing bioceramic
  • Case selection and treatment planning
  • The biological behavior of zirconia in the oral environment
  • Minimizing the occurrence of complications

Teeth viewed as bio-electric organs in direct connection with the brain

Fabián Brotos DDS

This presentation will be a general approach to what Dental Decoding is. Its theoretical bases and the multiple applications that it can have within the dental office will be explained. The tooth will be shown as a bio-electric organ in direct connection with the brain, creating what we call the relational reactional instincts that give the basic matrix of human real, symbolic and imaginary relationships. A framework of how this technique can be used will be given, in addition to showing some of the basic tools.

Smile Harmony: Unveiling the Power of Holistic Orthodontics, Myofunctional Therapy, and T.O.T.s Treatment

Catherine Murphy DDS, MS

The holistic approach goes beyond dentofacial orthodontics to shift from viewing malocclusion as the primary problem orthodontics should fix to crooked teeth being a symptom of an underlying cause. It is estimated that the rate of malocclusion in America is 90%. The focus must be on seeking solutions through collaborative care to address the overall health concerns that contribute to the symptom of crooked teeth. We can elevate our patient care by viewing the patient as a whole and mouth health as an indicator for one's overall health. In this course, discover the connections between proper rest oral posture, mouth breathing, and restricted oral tissues and their impact on creating stunning, healthy, sustainable smiles. Discuss Dr. Catherine Murphy's Triad of Care for cooperatively addressing breathing, eating, and sleeping concerns. Learn how to identify and diagnose improper oral rest posture and other orofacial myofunctional disorders. Understand how to build a team of professionals in your referral network who can best help your patients implement restorative and corrective strategies. Illuminate the difference between traditional and holistic orthodontic treatment objectives. Identify the indication and treatment of orofacial myofunctional disorders. Understand the indications of tethered oral tissues and their influence on treatment plans.

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