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Practice Name: Louisa Williams, ND--TREATING THE ROOT CAUSE OF DISEASE
Suite / P.O. Box:
City, State Zip: Georgetown, Texas
Phone: (512) 688-4385


Services Provided

SPECIALTIES Decades of holistic practice can help you hone in on which treatments are really effective and worthwhile, and which are not. In the following list are the areas of specialty that are offered and typically employed in practice as a result of years of experience:

Constitutional homeopathy according to the new Sensation Method by Doctors’ Chhabra and Sankaran

Detoxification of heavy metals (mercury amalgam fillings, gold crowns, nickel PFM’s, vaccines, etc.) and toxic chemicals (cosmetics and personal care products, pesticides, antibiotics and other past medications, vaccines, etc.)

Neural therapy (without needles) of scar interference fields and dental, tonsil, sinus, and other chronic focal infections, their neighboring ganglia, and their disturbed fields

Dietary counseling (focused on the Weston A. Price Foundation's Wise Traditions diet), nutritional supplementation, and identification and treatment of significant food allergies

Supportive supplementation and treatment when dental cavitation surgery is required

Significant malocclusions (bad bites) identified and treated with craniosacral therapy and appropriate dental referral

Musculoskeletal and soft-tissue therapies

Analysis of the need for botanical medicine (herbal remedies), cell salts, isopathic remedies, and acute homeopathy

Psychological assessments and treatments with appropriate referral to psychotherapists and psychologists

Additional Information

Dr. William's products, including The Canadian Laser, a therapeutic instrument that can be used in holistic offices or for home use, are available through her website