In 1978, concerned and dedicated dentists came together to share their common interest in treatment modalities that were not included in dental school curriculum. Some of these modalities were very new and others were very old; the one thing that they shared in common was they offered additional options for treatment. These dentists wished to establish an organization that would provide a forum for the development and sharing of health promoting therapies. The shift from the dentist’s emphasis solely on dental procedures to a consideration of the attitudes and feelings of the patient and the dentist has occurred. The primary goal of the Holistic Dental Association, to teach and to learn, has not changed since the founding members first met.

In recent years, more and more individuals are assuming greater responsibility for their own health. There is a dawning awareness that good health is more than the absence of disease. In this regard, the Holistic Dental Association has assumed a primary obligation to provide information and guidance to those persons seeking to participate in their own health care and to help in the continuing education of practitioners who have a desire to expand their knowledge and awareness.