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Find a Holistic Dentist

The Holistic Dental Association is pleased to offer visitors a searchable database of our professional membership. Each active member is listed here, according to state. You can search by state or by a dentist’s last name. To search by state, please enter the the full name of the state or the state’s abbreviation.

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Gilleran Illinois
Breiner Connecticut
Pearson Minnesota
Steinberg New York
Stevens Georgia
Nicholas Illinois
Golden New York
Garcia Illinois
Gross New York
Anderson Minnesota
Nylund New Mexico
Wall Utah
Mele New Jersey
Laughlin Wisconsin
Morris Florida
Wright Nevada
Kennedy Colorado
Iontcheva-Barehmi Massachusetts
Lim Pennsylvania
Barreto Florida
Hochstetler Kansas
Cook Wisconsin
Robbins Pennsylvania
Petre Texas
Bandary California
Simmons Washington
Crowley California
Yoshida California
Vieregger Colorado
Bakke Florida

Disclaimer: The Holistic Dental Association is an organization whose membership is open to all practitioners (and the public) with an interest in holistic health in dentistry. Its mission does not support the discrimination against any member or potential member for any reason including but not limited to his or her philosophies on oral care. Therefore, membership in the Holistic Dental Association does not necessarily indicate that a practitioner is using holistic methods in his or her practice. We encourage all patients to discuss with any of our member dentists, the use of holistic methods in their practices to determine whether or not a practitioner is a good fit for your needs.