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Thursday Workshops

  • Holistic Dentistry 101

8AM-5PM - Bernice Teplitsky DDS

Dr. Bernice Teplitsky, the immediate past president of the HDA is a Fellow of the AGD; an Accredited member of the IAOMT and SMART certified. She has Naturopathic Medical Doctor Board Certification and a degree in Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine. Her Workshop will help dentists and dental staff understand what holistic patients are looking for when they call the office and what an office needs to know and have on hand to practice “Holistic Dentistry.” The Workshop is for both new dentists starting their journey becoming a holistic dentist and for seasoned dentists expanding existing practices. The Workshop is especially helpful to office auxiliaries. It is a comprehensive overview, introducing “holistic” modalities in dentistry. Please note that more courses are required for an in-depth understanding of each of the modalities that are presented at the Workshop.

  • Nutrition for yourself, your family, and your patients

8AM-5PM - Craig Zunka DDS

One of the biggest questions today, as we take control of our health, is about nutritional supplements—what and how much to take? This workshop will focus on calcium, vitamin D, enzymes, phosphorus, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids; what they do and how to diagnose and treat a deficiency. This can be especially important in treatment of periodontal disease, temporomandibular joint disorders, osteoporosis, muscle spasms, clenching and grinding teeth. This workshop is geared to doctors and auxiliaries.

  • Regenerative Dentistry – Clinical Aspects

8AM-5PM - Eric Zaremski DDS, OFM, FACE & Alexandra Porfir DDS, MS, PhD, IMD

Present dentistry involves removal of tissues and structures. Most dental restorative replacement materials are toxic to some degree. We can replace or regenerate oral structures with biologic materials which help stimulate the body to regrow missing structures or tissues. We can reboot dysfunctional salivary glands and TM joints; heal infected tooth nerves; regrow vertical bone. Energy frequencies can be used to reduce pain and help heal regenerating areas in the mouth. You will be able to experience headphones with programmable frequencies.You will be introduced to protocols that can be used to help regenerate oral tissues and structures in your patients.

  • Detoxification for Recovery, Vitality & Longevity

8AM-12PM - Christopher W. Shade PhD

The subject of Detoxification has been mired in misunderstanding and conjecture for decades, leading to a lack of clarity, consistency and efficacy in detoxification methods and a high incidence of side-effect. Detoxification is part of a broader “Chemoprotection” system that includes free-radical protection, but extends into many essential aspects of longevity, including mitochondrial function, autophagy, senescence, proteostasis and telomere length. This 4-hr workshop will cover core biochemical principals and clinical applications of detoxification protocols, including: the glutathione system; the phases of detoxification; how liver and kidneys work, including liver gating and bile flow; drainage for lymph, liver and kidney; Nrf2 upregulation for cellular detoxification; application to mercury detoxification; applications to combined toxemia and microbial overgrowth; application for sustained vitality; applications for longevity.

  • Dental Decoding, Theoretical & Practical Approach

1PM-5PM - Fabián Brotos DDS

Since 1999, Dr. Fabián Brotos DDS from Montevideo Uruguay has been teaching in the Cathedra of Occlusion and Prosthodontics at the University in Uruguay. He has a specialty in implants and orthodontics. He has studied psycho-neuro-immune-endocrinology and has a university degree in Neuroscience. In his Workshop, you will learn the meaning of “Dental Decoding,” how to interpret some of the most common situations in dentistry, such as cavities and periodontal disease, as well as many orthodontic disorders, through the evidence displayed by panoramic x-rays. You will understand some of the dynamics of the psycho-emotional circuits that teeth, their roots and the shape of palates reveal. And, you will gain an understanding of the connections between teeth and the brain. Real cases will be shown.

Friday Speakers

  • Cavitations—How to identify and how to treat them

Scott Chandler DMD

Dr. Chandler will discuss how he treats focal osteonecrosis (cavitations;) how to take and read a CBCT for the best diagnosis; supplementation, before and after; necessary equipment for the best outcomes; cavitation treatment with laser biostimulation. His lecture will help biological dentists understand how to more successfully treat cavitations and will inform dentists of the risks and reward of cavitation treatment. He intends to inspire dentists not currently treating cavitations to start performing those surgeries.

  • Five Covid-19 Truths: Testing, Treatment, Vaccines

Peter A. McCullough MD, MPH

The five objectives of Dr. McCullough’s presentation are to allow you to: Review data on spread of virus; Realize the withdrawal of support for asymptomatic testing by the CDC; Review principles of natural immunity and published outcomes with recurrent infection; Appreciate the role of early COVID-19 treatment in high-risk patients; and Review the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccinations.

  • The Role of Oral Microbiome in Maintaining Systemic Blood Pressure

Nathan Bryan PhD

The objectives of Dr. Bryan’s presentation are to: Explain the importance of nitric oxide in regulation of systemic blood pressure; Describe the role of oral nitrate reducing bacteria in producing nitric oxide; Discuss the effect of oral hygienic practices on disrupting the oral microbiome leading to hypertension.

  • The Top Ten Sources of Chronic Inflammation & Toxicity in the Mouth

Gerry Curatola DDS

The oral cavity has been identified as the largest single source of chronic low-grade inflammation and toxicity in the human body. Yet, many dentists and healthcare practitioners are unaware of the conditions, treatments, restorations, and products in dentistry that are the root causes.

Learn:  The sources of chronic low-grade inflammation and the most effective treatments for its reduction and elimination. The heavy metals including mercury, nickel, cadmium and lead contained in various restorative materials. Why titanium is not biocompatible and is a source of chronic inflammation. Why many “natural” oral care products can disturb the oral microbiome. The epidemic of airway disease and its impact on the body’s ability to self-regulate. The truth about root canals and their impact on dysbiosis and regulation of systemic immunity. Jaw cavitations and bone morphology--how to determine what to treat and what not to and how.

  • Using Salivary Diagnostic Tools to Evaluate & Treat Oral-Systemic Inflammation

Rachaele Carver DMD NMD CHC AIAOMT

In this presentation, you will learn: How salivary pH reflects overall body acidity; What the varying diagnostics reflect about other inflammatory processes in the body; Strategies to optimize the salivary markers through detoxification and terrain support of oral microbiome.

  • A biocompatible non-toxic biomaterial for restorations

Pasquale Scutari Jr DDS

Dr. Scutari will discuss a clinical study he is heading on the use of mineralized vegetable ivory as a natural root and implant alternative material. The toxicities associated with the traditional, conventional materials used in dentistry are well-documented. You will be introduced to a new biomaterial. You will gain an understanding of the process in fabricating restorations made from this innovative non-toxic biocompatible natural material.

Saturday Speakers

  • Using Stem Cells in Dentistry

Alexandra Porfir DDS Ms PhD IMD

Teeth exhibit limited repair in response to damage. Stem cells play an important role in the field of dentistry as they could help in regeneration of vital structures like bone, cartilage, cementum, periodontal ligament fibers, and dental pulp. The basic principle of regenerative dentistry is to collect functionally related cells and plant them on a natural or synthetic scaffold with a certain spatial structure and induce cell proliferation through the influence of growth factors, thereby regenerating dental tissues.

  • GMO 2.0

Jeffrey Smith

The objectives of this presentation are: Convey the evidence demonstrating the links between GMOs and Glyphosate with specific diseases. Help practitioners with educating their patients on the importance of organics and offer tools to increase compliance; Introduce the unprecedented risks of GMO 2.0; and Provide practical steps to help protect human health and the environment from the threats of GMOs and Glyphosate.

  • Five Dimensions of a Tongue Tie

Shirley Gutkowski RDH

Today, we know new ways to measure the mobility of the tongue—the when, why and how to release the tongue. And, we know the importance of orofacial myofunctional therapy before and after a functional release. In this presentation, you will learn how to: Identify a good candidate for orofacial myofunctional therapy; Integrate assessment of the tongue’s mobility in the oral cancer screening segment of an oral assessment; Assess a live case presentation for tongue mobility and oral outcomes of the mobility or lack thereof.

  • The Search for Sweetness Without Guilt

John Peldyak DMD

How does the Standard American Diet (SAD) aka the Modern American Diet (MAD) contribute to the common degenerative diseases of civilization? What is the evidence that added sugar is a primary villain? There are many strategies proposed to reduce the harmful effects of sugar consumption. The use of alternative sweeteners as substitutes for added sugar is highlighted. In particular, the polyols xylitol and erythritol are featured as natural sugar-like substances with remarkable metabolic and dental benefits.

  • Biomimetic Restorations

Alireza Panahpour DDS

Dr. Panahpour, an instructor in Biomimetic Dentistry, will discuss advances in bonding and adhesives. He will show you how to use non-toxic biomimetic materials that copy the look, feel and strength of teeth-keeping them strong and sealed from bacterial invasion. Tooth preservation without pain is at the heart of Biomimetic Dentistry.

  • Dental Decoding—An Overview

Fabián Brotos DDS

This presentation will be a general approach to what Dental Decoding is. Its theoretical bases and the multiple applications that it can have within the dental office will be explained. The tooth will be shown as a bio-electric organ in direct connection with the brain, creating what we call the relational reactional instincts that give the basic matrix of human real, symbolic and imaginary relationships. A framework of how this technique can be used will be given, in addition to showing some of the basic tools.