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Lambert, Nicole



Practice Name: Lambert & Co. Biological and Holistic Dentistry
Street: 20 Warren Street
Suite / P.O. Box:
City, State Zip: New York, New York 10007
Phone: (212) 240-4040


Does not use Amalgam In Practice
Does not use Topical Fluoride In Practice

Additional Information

Dr. Lambert believes in a healthy and holistic way of living, and she brings all that knowledge to the field of dentistry. We are a biological and holistic dental practice located in New York City founded by Dr. Nicole Lambert. We provide dentistry in the safest, least toxic way because our mission is to help provide long-term dental health and stability. As a biological and holistic dental practice, we understand and recognize that: 1. There is a connection between dental health and systemic health. 2. Not all dental materials are biocompatible and safe. 3. Mercury in silver/amalgam fillings is toxic. 4. BPA and plastic in white fillings are toxic. 5. Cavitations, pockets of infection, can remain from previous dental treatments. 6. There are non-surgical and natural methods to handle gum disease. 7. Dental disease and caries can be reversed naturally. 8. Root canals can be completely avoided. 9. Drilling and filling can also be completely avoided. 10. Weak, traumatized, and irradiated teeth can be restored to health. 11. Convention dentistry accepts dental decay, whereas our more natural methods maintain health. 12. There is nothing wrong with conventional dentistry, it is just not what we believe, and it doesn’t work for us.